"Know your Celebrity" Contest

The winner of this contest wrote a text about her favorite celebrity, based on questions that she would like to ask her! Take a look ;)

Her real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson. She was born on 25th October, she is thirty-two years old. She is a pop-singer, an actress and a songwriter. Katy is American, from Santa Barbara, California.

She has two siblings, they are Angela and David. Her parents are Keith Hudson and Mary Perry. Katy believes in God, her family is very religious.

Katy is not married to the famous actor Russel Brand anymore. She is dating Orlando Bloom now.

She has some friends and her best friends are Ed Sheeran, Rebecca Black and Rihanna.

Katy is pretty and very intelligent and she says that she likes her boobs (haha). She likes to record CDs for her friends because she likes singing.

She donates every piece of clothes that she wears on tours for her team.

Her favourite song is Killer Queen by Queens. She always listens to music such as The Beach and Queens. Her favourite place to present is Tokyo, Japan.

She likes hunting for antiques and crochet. She adores nails and she loves to change her hair colour and sometimes she brushes her teeth several times.

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