Composition Contest (Teens)

For this month , our teens had an assignment! Write about animals! They had to choose an animal, and create some questions, research about and write a compostion.. The best one, would be feature on our blog! So after some serious debating, our teachers elected the winner: Mayson Santos! Let's learn more about fishes! :D

The Humpback anglerfish lives 4500 meters under the water. It does not need light because it makes its own light. There is a lamp in its head. It uses its lamp to hunt because other fishes follow its light.Males can reach three centimetres and the females can reach about eighteen centimetres.The humpback anglerfish is carnivorous, its preys are shrimps, crustaceans and fishes. It’s a dangerous fish because it eats meat.There are only two humpback fishes that people can see because it is very hard to find. One is in U.S.A. and the other is in Germany.The humpback anglerfish cannot live on the surface because it is not adapted; if it goes to the surface it will implode because of the pressure.

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