How to improve your English skills

We always say that people need to live the language that they want to learn right? But what we don't say is how to do this on a daily basis. Of course, of course... Reading texts, watching series/movies or listening to music in English is pretty obvious. But what kind of things can people really do to get into the language? To be close to an immersion experience? Some tips ahead!

1- Switch every device to English... Your cellphone, your laptop, radio, watch...anyway... EVERYTHING! Moreover, when you read a recipe or a manual of a new product, for example, try to read in the language that you have been learning before you start reading in your own language. Notice the vocabulary, the word order, the language to see how different it is from yours.

2- Find a skill and practice it! I am, for example, very interested in nature, camping etc... so, I will look for vocabulary in this area. I have my hobbies and I will practice these hobbies in English too. If you like to work out, look for vocabulary and expressions about exercises, warm ups, gear and things that you can find in the gym. This is living the language! BE CURIOUS AND INDEPENDENT.

3- Use apps EVERY SINGLE DAY. Download some grammar/vocabulary apps on your mobile and practice. Do you know those annoying moments when you are waiting in a queue? Or when you are waiting for the doctor? Everyday we have at least 5 minutes free due to the waitings... So, let's practice! There are some good apps to learn and practice English...

- 4 pics 1 word (vocabulary)

- Wordalot (vocabulary)

- British Council - podcast (listening) and others

- ABA (all skills)


4- Think in English - or your target language. Talk to yourself in English, inside your mind... Don't be that crazy haha (it's up to you, actually). Talk to yourself about that person who is in front of you that is really bad dressed (that's mean, man!), Talk about your day, make plans for the weekend... Everything in English. Have this time with yourself :) Another way to think in English... Name things around you. Look at your sorroundings. What can you see? Name these things - in English - and try to tell stories about these things. The vocabulary that you don't know... BE CURIOUS and research after.

5- Indentify where you are lacking... The class of the day they where, we were talking about "aliens" for example... And you couldn't understand and take part of the conversation because of vocabulary or knowledge... Research about it . Look up the words. Be curious. Study this vocabulary. You have read something on internet about food... And you have difficulty at this vocabulary... Research about it, improve yourself. It works for vocabulary, listening, grammar, everything. Do not wait for the teacher to teach everything... Teachers need to teach a lot of people and sometimes they cannot teach you everything that you need/want. Be responsible. This way, you will learn exactly what you need.

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