Phrasal Verbs

What is a phrasal verb?

A phrasal verb is a phrase that is made up of a verb + a preposition or sometimes an adverb

So for a better understanding of phrasal verbs, it´s important to know what verbs ,prepositions and adverbs are.

  • A verb is an action word. It describes something happening, a state of being or an action being done.

  • A preposition is a word that describes the relationship between two words. For example, the pencil is under the chair. Prepositions mainly deal with location or direction (´´on, above, through´´) and time (´´by´´ or ´´around´´ a certain time) .

  • An adverb is a word that describes a verb. For example, you can run quickly or slowly and arrive to class early or late.

Phrasal verbs work by changing the verb´s meaning based on the preposition that follows them.

So come on, let´s learn some phrasal verbs! *The words ´´ come on´´ in this sentence are a phrasal verb that is expressing encouragement.


Bring up – to mention something, to start discussing a subject. ´´I hate to bring this up, but you still owe me $50,00.´´

Bring on – to cause something to happen, usually something negative. ´´This warm weather is great, but it's also brought on my allergies, unfortunately.´´

  • To make someone or something appear. Stated as part of a request. We're celebrating tonight, so bring on thechampagne! Bring on the opening act!

Bring it on! – to accept a challenge with confidence. ´´You want to have a race? Bring It on! I can beat you.´´


Come up (with something)- to think of an idea. ´´I came up with this idea for a TV show about a woman living with her best friend…´´

Come in- to enter. ´´ Come in, the door is open.´´

Come across – to meet or find by chance. ´´I came across him in the library after work, and we got into a great conversation.´´ ´´I came across a $20 bill on my way to school this morning!´´ ´´If you come across my jacket, please, let me know.´´

Come forward- To volunteer information about something, like a crime. ´´The police are encouraging people to come forward with any information about the kidnapped girl.


Drop by/in – to stop for a visit, for a short time. ´´ Andrew is such a great boyfriend, when he heard that his girlfriend had a cold he dropped by to bring her some soup.´´

Drop off – to leave something or someone in their destination. ´´ I can give you a ride and drop you off at work.´´


Hang on- to keep something. ´´When everyone else was getting fired. Paul managed to hang on to his job.´´

Hang out- To spend time with someone, casually. ´´My friends and I used to hang out in the park after school.´´

Hang up- to end a call on the phone, especially if it´s before the other person is ready. ´´ I was in the middle of a sentence, and he hung up on me! How rude.´´


Look up- to check the meaning of something. ´´ If you don´t know the meaning of a word, you should look it up in the dictionary.´´

Look out- to watch out for something. ´´Look out, there´s a baseball coming your way!´´


Find out- to discover. ´´My sister found out that her husband had been planning a surprise party for her.´´


Call of - To stop doing or planning to do (something) . “Maria called off the wedding, she decided she didn’t love him”

  • To cause or tell (a person or animal) to stop attacking, chasing. “Call off your dog! He’s attacking my cat”


Cheer on- To support or encourage someone or something, often vocally. ´´I'm your mother, I'm going to cheer you on in anything you do!´´

Cheer up- to become less sad, or to make someone feel less sad. ´´I tried to cheer him up, but he just kept staring out of the window.´´

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